SolidLock – the reliable and flexible articulated arm

Easy to handle and precise in application, that is our medical universal arm „SolidLock“. Once brought into position, the swivel and rotatable arm is locked, remains stationary and you have your hand free.

„SolidLock“ can be adjust to your desires, thanks to various variants, attachements and addons. You have a new idea how our positioning help can assist you? We are happy to modify the holding arm according to your requirements and design the appropriate attachment for you!

Right now our articulated arm SolidLock is used successfully in the following procedures:

Prostata Biopsy

MRI Fusion of prostate



Endoscopic procedures

Procept Biorobotics / Aquablation of the prostate

Working lenghts

up to 100 cm, over 6 joints


folded 40x40x8 cm, diameter 5 cm

Load-bearing capacity

100 Nm (approx. 10 kg) at 100 cm deflection


aluminium, stainless steel, PETP, PPSU-1000

Our SolidLock medical jointed-arm is available in different versions. The standard version (HS) is equipped with a lift and swivel handle and enables even finer positioning of the attachments. All SolidLocks allow a 360° movement and have 6 degrees of freedom.

SolidLock HS

Hinged arm with lift and swivel handle

SolidLock HS-500ext

Hinged arm with lift and swivel handle and 500 mm additional tube lengths for height

SolidLock F

Hinged arm with flange handle

SolidLock Ff

Hinged arm with flange handle and fixed adapter plate


Hinged arm with flange handle, rotatable adapter plate, shortened tube lengths and laparoscope holder

Attachments for SolidLock

Transperinealer Stepper (A-TP)

Stepper A-TP

Transperineale access system with tracking features.

The Stepper A-TP is a standard component of our SoLo A product, but can also be purchased as a supplement to an existing SolidLock articulated arm.

MTT Nadelführung 42 Grad von MTT für die BK Ultrasound Schallköpfe 8818 / 8808e

Stepper A-TR

Transrektal ultrasound positioning with tracking features.

The Stepper A-TR is an alternative component of our SoLo A product, but can also be purchased as a supplement to an existing SolidLock articulated arm.

Stepper B

Transperineale access system for basic ultrasound procedures.

The Stepper B is part of our SoLo B product, but can also be purchased as a supplement to an existing SolidLock articulated arm.

Accessoires for SolidLock


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One-handed holding aid

Our flexible SolidLock articulated arm can be operated with just one hand. It provides a reliable positioning aid and can be realigned during operation with a fluid movement. This means that the usual processes continue without delay and you have your hand free.

Movable swivel arm with many possible applications

SolidLock is used to position objects or medical devices in the room. Our articulated arm can be used universally and is also suitable for work outside of medical applications. Our articulated arm can also be used in industry. With the help of the Quickfix attachment for SolidLock Ff, the possible uses are almost limitless, as this enables the installation of individual attachments.

Individual attachments for our articulated arms

Our development department is constantly working on the further development of our products. This also includes custom developments for new QuickFix attachments. Please let us know how you would like to use our swivel arm. We at MTT look forward to hearing your ideas.

Mobile and transportable holding arm

SolidLock can be easily folded up and transported from one location to the next or stored for the next use. Thanks to the supplied surgical rail holder or floor stand (available on request), our positioning arm can be used in almost any location.

Approved medical articulated arm

In medicine, our rotating and swiveling arm may only be used by trained medical professionals in a surgical environment in doctors’ surgeries or operating theatres. There, the SolidLock is attached to a surgical splint or similar holder and positions medical devices relative to the patient. The articulated arm can be used for all body parts and patient groups. The exception is use in neurosurgery or for direct use on the central nervous system.

In accordance with EU MDR 2017/745, all SolidLock variants are approved as Class I non-invasive medical devices and for temporary or short-term use.